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Stress Awareness Month: a little help from Mother Nature

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It's #StressAwarenessMonth and I thought of sharing a little help from Mother Nature I used in the past which worked wonders.

Does your stomach hurt when you are stressed? You can now get relief from stomach ache due to stress taking Ficus Carica.

Stress and irritant foods like spicy food, alcohol, chocolate, and coffee, just to give you a few examples, play havoc with our stomachs. I was reading something interesting the other day about how different stomach issues are translated by the holistic view. Indigestion is seen as difficulty accepting or swallowing situations in our life, nausea or vomiting is seen as ideas or situations that we refuse, pain as unfair circumstances that hurt us, heartburn and gastritis as what makes us angry or stressed, as well as a major worry or an action we feel guilty about.

What is Ficus Carica?

Ficus Carica is the botanical name for the fig plant. A solution called glycerine macerate is made from its gems (fresh buds in the growing stage), which is tremendously helpful for a stomach that is upset due to stress factors and emotional causes. The fig gems have vitamins A, B, B2, PP, and C; as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, which are essential components to regulate the digestive and metabolic activities.

What are its benefits?

This plant regulates the stomach contractions (peristalsis), diminishes acidity, and helps to strengthen the cardias. The cardias is the muscle that opens every time we swallow, which allows what we consume to be passed down to the stomach. If this muscle is relaxed, it lets the acids that are inside our stomach (vital to break down food) come back up, causing the consequences of acid reflux. Therefore, Ficus Carica is helpful in conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, and dysphasia (digestive problem or difficulty passing the food down your oesophagus).


Normally, it is advisable to take 40 drops of the glycerine macerate three times a day, half an hour before your meals, in a little water for about a month. Depending on how severe your stomach issue is, this plant can be taken up to two or three months. If you are pregnant or concerned about your health please consult your doctor and read the instructions on the product you buy. You should notice a big improvement after a month.

Homemade remedy tip

Another way to get the benefits from Ficus Carica, especially when the stomach hurts, is to take a dry fig, boil it in a cup of water for about ten minutes and drink this herbal tea.

Hope your April is stress-free, despite the current situation.



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