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Spring fatigue? Fix it naturally with the wonderful Rhodiola Rosea

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Spring has already knocked at our door and it is a beautiful time when nature awakens after its long winter sleep. It is also a time when it is quite common to experience some sort of tiredness and emotional instability with the seasonal changes (spring fatigue).

I could not write the first post of Discover without introducing you what I like to call the queen of herbal remedies: Rhodiola Rosea. The wonderful Rhodiola Rosea is a plant known for its use for temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion, and mild anxiety. I have been loving this remarkable plant, as it always comes as a big help on days I feel rundown and blue, especially during seasonal changes. In my view, this plant is much more than a stress relief remedy.

Rhodiola Rosea has an adaptogen property, which means that it helps the body to be more resistant to stress in general, making us less mentally and physically tired. It is also a fantastic mood booster; able to help us fight apathy and low mood. It brings back happiness and the motivation we need to get back on track after the diverse circumstances that life sometimes throws at us. Furthermore, this plant has slimming properties, as it makes our metabolism work faster and therefore burns body fat, and thanks to its anti-stress benefits it helps stop food cravings too.


For its mild, energizing effects, Rhodiola Rosea should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and also repeat the dose if necessary before lunch. It gives you energy until evening, without disturbing your sleep. Avoid taking it after 4 p.m. as you might be sensitive to it, and it could keep you active when you should be relaxing in preparation for beauty sleep. I suggest you start with a low dose, and wait for its magic to be released and then gradually build it up. The daily dose is usually between 200 and 400 mg but always read the instruction label. It is safe to take, and there are usually no side effects, but always check with your doctor if you are pregnant or suffer from any conditions. Rhodiola Rosea comes in different forms, like tablets, capsules, liquid extract, and powder. The last version is great to add to your morning smoothie to kick start your day. Alternatively, you can make a herbal tea, adding a teaspoon (5g) in about 150 ml of boiling water for about ten minutes and then sieve.

Remember Rhodiola Rosea is not a suitable treatment for clinical depression or persistent anxiety. Please seek professional medical expertise or treatment for such mental illnesses.



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