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Messy Place Messy Mind? 5 simple steps to fill it with clarity

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Have you ever noticed how your space makes you feel? If you noticed your space makes you feel unfocused and weighted down, this one is for you.

I lived for many years in a small studio flat and year after year, as I guess many of you, I accumulated lots of stuff which I never touched or used for weeks, months or even years. It took me a while to realise all those books, paperwork, clothes, make-up and all the rest was creating a total mess that made me feel weighed down, lazy and unhappy.

It was like a vicious circle, with no escape and the more I was looking at my belongings, the more I could not find the motivation to do something different and good with them. It was only when I read an article -written by life coach Louise Presley-Turner- about how the confusion around your house or office can affect your mind that I realised this was actually happening to me. Clutter affects our mind overloading senses, making us feel stressed and weaken our ability to think in a creative way.

If this sounds familiar to you, do not waste any more time and start right now. Your mind will thank you. Having a clear space will make you feel instantly lifted and energised. You will be able to think more clearly and make decisions more effectively. Be careful, it is such a powerful tool that you might end up making life-changing decisions you postponed for a long time, like a career change or ending a long, draining relationship.

TIPS to make it happen:

Start piling up all the stuff you have not used in the past 24 months and take the following actions:

1 Put in a box a selection of objects that you think will not serve you. If you do not remember what you put in the box after a month, then you probably do not need it. Give them away;

2 Have a look at some charity associations, and decide which one you will pick to donate your old clothes and accessories to;

3 Tidy up your paperwork and bills by years in a file and bin the ones you no longer need to keep;

4 Go through the hundreds of magazines you collected and tear the articles that are interesting to you, saving them in one single file;

5 Spring clean your beauty products, including your old make-up and clothes drawers. Putting a new product on your face will make you feel fresh instantly.

Follow the same criteria suggested above for anything in your way at home or in your office. By freeing up the energy of your place, the qi (life energy) will flow around your body and you will feel peaceful, light and ready to make all those great decisions that you could not make before.

Have a good spring clean, everyone!



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