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Enjoy your Food, in the end it’s Christmas!

Updated: Jan 1

Hi everyone, this is just a short post to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to remind you to enjoy your festive time without stressing about what you are going to eat and drink.

I know that for some people, the festive season can trigger anxiety and worries about how to manage themselves around food. Remember my beauties that food is there to nourish you and it should not be seen as an enemy that makes you put a few pounds on, for instance. Depriving yourself of a food you crave, will just stress your body and mind and as a consequence enhance your anxiety.

These are my 3 steps to help you ease the stress around Christmas food:

1 Christmas comes just once a year, so embrace this special time and accept the fact that there will be more tempting foods than usual. Being aware of this fact can already help to ease your worrying mind. In the end, it’s a festive time. Food plays an important part, together with kindness, in what Christmas is about. Therefore, be kind to yourself. Also, remember there are people out there who haven’t got all the food we instead get every day on our table so be grateful for it.

2 Relax around the Christmas table and allow yourself to indulge in food you normally don’t eat. Source your inner power remembering yourself that you will soon go back to your normal healthy diet.

3 Try to practise mindful eating and therefore, listen to your body, asking yourself how much food actually your stomach can accommodate, breath, chew slowly and focus on the taste sensations.

As for me, I will allow myself to eat whatever I fancy over Christmas, as these are some of my odd days when I just munch on anything I usually don’t and that is OKAY! It is not the exceptions that make my body ill.

In conclusion, enjoy your feast whatever you choose to place on your plate, don’t deprive yourself. A few days of cosy eating will not spoil your health and wellbeing, I promise!

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