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Detoxify your skin and get the glow back with this home best kept secret

If you wish to have a bright and glowing complexion without having to attend beauty salons or as a home treatment in-between your professional facials get a pot from your kitchen draw and a towel.

I love having facials, for me they are just the best trick to unwind from a stressful time or a long week at work. I visit my facialist every couple of months whenever I can for a professional face treatment, however I manage to keep my skin in a very good condition with some tricks. One of those is mini home facials I do on a weekly basis.

First of all, I always remove my make-up and deeply cleanse my skin before steaming my face which is a very important passage to do before all the skin care routine as it allows the skin to better absorb any other beauty products you put after it. Facial and body steaming is a very ancient way for detoxification as it helps to free any dead cells, dirt and bacteria. The warm humidity from steaming increase perspiration and stimulate blood circulation and this can help to give you a beautiful skin glow.


Bring to the boil 500 ml of water and transfer it to a ceramic or steel bowl. Drape a big towel over your head and the bowl trapping the steam. Place your face at 30 cm from the water or if you are too sensitive stay a little far from it. You should not feel any burning or overheating sensations but rather a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Stay still for about 5 minute, and no more than ten, just the time for your favourite tune or two. I like to add some drops of essential oil based on my mood.

Lavander, juniper, or vanilla are my favourites ones which have anti-inflammatory, relaxing and comforting properties. After the 5-10 minutes of steaming suggested, cleanse all the toxins that your open pores have released with a gentle scrub, followed by a purifying clay mask and a calming and hydrating one straight after. Don t forget to have some good splashes of cold water over your face to cool the heating your skin might still carry down and also to close the pores. This is a fantastic and inexpensive way to keep your skin in top conditions.

However, if you have certain skin conditions that are aggravated by sweating or increased blood circulation, such as rosacea or a fungal infection, then you should avoid facial steaming. I do this on a regular basis, every two weeks. It is a very relaxing time to take care of your skin while beautifying yourself. Give it a try and I promise, you will soon be asked the secret to such a pretty glowing face.



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