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Beat the autumn blues with these five simple steps


Autumn has definitely arrived for a while. The sunrays are lower than last month and the sunlight has become much warmer. Cosy vibes are in the air and I personally feel great as every new season marks a fresh beginning.

Autumn, particularly feels an important time as it reminds me of my old uni days and the start of new projects, different commitments and fresh encounters. However, Autumn can make us feel a bit blue with the arrival of shorter and colder days, as, after the summer buzz, we have to slow down and prepare to face the winter months.

So, here I am to share 5 simple steps to beat the autumn blues which really have worked for me.

Step number 1: Late summer holidays

I know with the pandemic still going on right now having a holiday can be challenging so, perhaps save this tip for better times. If you can afford to have a holiday abroad in a sunny place try to escape home when summer ends. Mid September up to November (in some places) is a great time to get away. Apart from the fact that everywhere is less crowded and much less expensive, being in the sun and topping up your vitamin D level just before the season changes is a wonderful mood boost. You will return to work and other commitments feeling energised and privileged of being away when everybody else is at work. Indeed, it will feel like it is still summer as your bronzed skin and happy mood will shorten your cold months.

Step number 2: Write your intention list

Before coming back home write a list of all the new intentions and exciting activities you wish to do. Having some exciting plans, something to look forward to when the days become shorter and it is dark before we get home after work is key. It is very important to write the list whilst still on holiday as the mind is free from stress and recharged. You will have new ideas and happy intentions. Don’t worry too much about finalising the list. Brainstorming is a great way to put down in writing all you have in mind. Write any ideas that come into your mind first and then read the list back adding all the details. You might decide not to go ahead with some ideas written down or come up with some others. Free your wishes and make them true.

Step number 3: Keep your environment neat, tidy and free from clutter

Clutter affects our mind overloading senses, making us feel stressed and weaken our ability to think in a creative way. Having a clear space will make you feel instantly lifted and energised. Keep up with the spring cleaning you should have already done at some point. If you have not, start right now.

Step number 4: Eat nutritious food

Stocking up your kitchen cupboards with all nutritious foods is crucial. Healthy foods will give you plenty of energy and a happy stable mood. Stock up on whole foods, unrefined carbohydrates, beans, nuts, seeds, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on sugar, caffeine products such as coffee, tea and chocolate.

Step number 5: Stay active

Find something you love and stick to it. Practising a physical exercise you are excited about goes a long way. It can be hard for some people to find time and motivation to work out. Here the secret is to find a class or fitness exercise you enjoy and so you will always look forward to it. You don’t have to attend the gym, it could be as simple as going for a ride, a brisk walk or run.

Finally, Autumn is here to remind us how beautiful it is to let things go and create space for a new beginning.



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