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3 steps to body confidence

Today we leave aside the beautiful inner you and talk about aesthetic and body confidence.

Being body confident is not always easy. It is part of our human nature to feel unsure about our bodies, though some people worry more about it than others. Nowadays, there is an increase in body image awareness, as we live in a social media dominated era, where everybody has access to the internet which sometimes reflects a distorted version of reality, with millions of pictures showing the perfect body, greatest job or enchanting life. Teenagers are the most affected by this social media projection and it can lead to negative consequences on their eating habits and behaviour to reach what they see on the web.

Growing up, I learnt that we are all unique and that it is pointless to compete with the girl next door. As a famous actress cited: ” No matter what, there will always be a more beautiful woman than you” and that it is true to some extent. Our mind creates certain beauty standards that we take as the only truth but remember; what we find beautiful it might not be the same for another person.

Step number 1: Acceptance is the first step to start moving forward

I truly believe that if you are not confident about a part of your body, you should not cover it up because you feel ashamed of it but instead, accept how you might feel about this and start making all the possible steps to start liking it. You are probably wondering how? Self-care, compassion and self-love are the key actions to take. Accepting a situation is the first step to move forward. Once we free ourselves from being too hard on our look, or achievements we made in life, for example, a state of inner peace will wrap us up. Once you are in that place you can start dealing with it as your mind will be calm and ready to find possible solutions.

Step number 2: Ask yourself what could make you feel better and take action

Search on internet or ask around about what it can be done to help with your little mission to body confidence. Nowadays, there is a lot available out there but make sure you do your research and investigate on the credentials of who is going to deal with what bothers you. I’m not a fan of cosmetic surgery and I will never go under the knife for aesthetic purposes, but I respect other people’s choices if this is what makes them feel better. I have friends and colleagues who have had something done and I can see how their confidence blossomed, so I would suggest you consider that if this is for you. I’m not here to tell you what it is right or wrong but to encourage you to take care of what bothers you so that you will start working on your self-love and learn to like yourself instead of feeling unhappy and held back by that issue. Most of the time, just a new hair cut can make you feel instantly refreshed or a visit to a clinic for a non-invasive procedures such as teeth whitening can bring your confidence back. Again, this is so important, choose only professional people who had a lot of experience in their field to avoid disappointment or other not so nice surprises.

Step number 3: Make the best of your features

Have you ever been noticed for your gorgeous healthy hair, lovely smile, glowing complexion a graceful way to walk, or a pert bum? I am sure you can all find a feature you like about yourself. Sometimes we are so stuck on little things we dislike about ourselves that people you encountered would not even notice at all or actually would find it cute or extremely attractive.

I totally find freckles cute, mysterious and tremendously sexy, for instance, whereas some women dislike them, and invest in expensive make-up products to cover them up. To me, a man who has a prominent nose is very attractive, and I also think that big legs are quite sexy as I feel it makes a man look well-grounded and protective. I could write many more features I personally find lovely, but these are just some examples to stress than what we find unattractive in ourselves can be instead appealing to others.

I will end my post today by leaving you with a comforting quote that instantly lifts my mood every time it comes across my mind. I hope it will do it for you too.

“You are so used to your features that you do not realise how beautiful you look to a stranger.”



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