My own health confidence journey

​As a teenager, I was not confident about my health, as I was often in and out of specialist clinics and hospitals due to a variety of health issues. My diet was not balanced as I often neglected the most nutritious foods. In fact, I grew up with a bad attitude towards ‘healthy’ food, eating mostly products full of refined sugar, wheat pasta, cheese, white bread, and plenty of red meat whilst disliking, for instance, fresh foods like vegetables and fruit.

​When more health problems, such as eye allergies, anaemia, acne, constant lethargy, and top to bottom digestive tract issues started to kick in, I had to dramatically change my diet.

Over the years, I have been a vegetarian, a non-meat eater, and a vegan. However, despite those diets helped me a lot in the short-medium term to recover from certain health issues, none satisfied me in the long run. 

​Lately, I read a lot of research and discovered the strong link between nutrition and mental health which is scientifically proven and forms the principle I now stand for. Having had and overcome anxiety, I am confident in saying nutrition can definitely support your mental wellbeing too.

My food philosophy

As mentioned above, research has already provided evidence that there is a strong relationship between our diet and our mental health. The foods we eat affect our energy levels, our mood and as a consequence, the way we think. I love the quote by Patrick Holford (leading nutrition expert and founder of Food for the Brain) "We are not only what we eat but we think what we eat"I totally agree with it.

My diet today is all about celebrating the power of whole foods, in other words, foods as close to their natural state, or as nature intended them to be eaten. No fad diets, as I do not believe in starvation or deprivation but instead, in providing my body and mind with all the vital and nourishing nutrients. 

I currently follow a gluten, dairy, traditional grains, and sugar-free diet. Lean protein, like fish, and sometimes organic chicken, nuts, a lot of plant-based foods, and naturally gluten-free grains are the food staple of my diet at present.

I do have my odd moments too when I munch on something else and that is okay. It is not the exceptions that make my body ill. I am not aiming for perfection and I think this is not what life is all about. Life is beautiful, unpredictable, and sometimes bizarre. 

Stay active

We always knew that staying active plays a crucial part in keeping your body healthy. However,  exercising has an amazingly positive impact on the mind too, which is perhaps the least part talked about when discussing fitness.

I know it can be tough to make time in a busy schedule or find the motivation to keep moving and my advise here is to find what you like and works for you and stick to it. You will become stronger and happier as you train along and your mind will thank you for it too.

If you are wondering what physical activities I practise, the answer is I love Pilates, Barre, suspension training, long walks in nature and deep stretching. In December 2018 I got my qualification as level 3 Mat Pilates Specialist instructor and I love practising this low impact exercise to keep me strong and grounded.

Pick your favourite intentional movement! Exercising is such a powerful component that builds a very confident body and mind, I promise.

Thank you for visiting.

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